Loading your bales is very easy from the back of the trailer, whether you’re loading 5 or 6 foot tall bales.
Just slide up rails to complete your load.




Easy and quick transporting of bales.
The trailer is stable on hills and rough terrain.
Makes cornering much easier and safer because of the visibility with side mirrors.
Pulls down road with ease and travels at higher speeds for more efficient bale transportation.







Self-unloading is done with pull of a lever in just seconds.
The bales are gently placed in a row with the net wrap or twine left in great condition.
The trailer is then tipped back to the home position and secured with a double lock system for safe hauling all with a single lever.

You’re now ready to go get your next load whether you work alone or if someone is in the field ready to place the next load.

For people selling hay it a great trailer when used for delivering hay to your customers.
Move your hay quick and unload fast without the need to start equipment for unloading, especially during the cold winter months.







Available sizes:
25’ Bumper Hitch
32’ Bumper Hitch
36’ Bumper Hitch

25’ Gooseneck
32’ Gooseneck
36’ Gooseneck
42’ Gooseneck



Standard Features:
Two 6000 Lbs. Axles
One axle equipped with brakes
Heavy duty 8 lug axle
New rims and 10 ply tires
16 x 6 white spoke wheels
Running lights- protected tail lights
Main pipe has 3/8” thick wall

Frame made of 3 x 5 tubing
Double latch locking system
Safety chains
Gooseneck models: 12,000lbs spring loaded jack
Bumper hitch models: 7,000lbs retractable jack
Wired to be road-ready
Standard 3-Year Structural Warranty





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